Holiday Metal Tile Frame Set

It is a different Metal Tile for every month of the year, plus 2 additional Metal Tiles for anytime.
The Completed Set includes one Black 5x5 Frame with the 14 images on 7 Metal Tiles front and back.All tiles fit together inside the frame for easy storage.

January: Let it Snow Please
February: Be My Valentine
March: Lucky You
April: He Is Risen
May: Bloom Where You Are Planted
June: Summer Fun
July: Stars and Stripes
August: Live in the Sunshine
September: The Leaves are Falling
October: Trick or Treat
November: Give Thanks
December: Silent Night Holy Night

Misc.: Families are Forever
Misc.: Happy Birthday
Completed Set: $34.00 (Includes One Black Frame, 14 vinyl quotes applied on 7 Metal Sheets)
Vinyl Kit: $22.00 (Includes the 14 vinyl squares and 7 5x7 Metal Sheets)


RNBB Mom said...

SOOOO cute I'm wanting one. Almost a need:) I love the blog. Can I forward. Lisa

The Edwards Family said...

Love these! What a clever idea...I want the set.

PoohsPals said...

I love it!! Why oh why didn't I get this sooner, before Halloween?!
I have to get it anyways I will be ready for next year right? See ya on the order page!